The Training

The second month – the independent creation of their own projects on the Internet – sites, blogs, mailing and business proposals. 7-8th month – self-promotion of their projects in a global network. … And only 9 months the sponsor begins to appear the first people in the first line of the structure, which the sponsor must … teach what he knows! Now imagine: a beginner should like working like a beast, 8 months, so he began to appear the first people.

First: very few people would agree to such terms Second: Not everyone can become a professional authors of the articles of their mailings, video and audio podcasts. Not be ruled out even this option, the sponsor teaches novice 8 months and the ninth month, he breaks down your computer and the person drops out of the business for 3-4 months. Maybe even the next alignment – a beginner at the end of training can simply go to another company – I think worth making is also an error to this case. At the end of the training sponsor gets real experts – can even diplomas programmers to give! – It is clear that this is NOT network marketing, where the training lasts for almost a year! The main task of the sponsor – to solve the problem of learning online and to optimize this process up to 1 week! From 9 months to 1 weeks! – Here is a solution! – But not too much weight beginners information. This is indeed a very difficult task and each sponsor decides its own way. Someone do it and he achieves success on the Internet, some do not ….

Hint for the future: do all the training materials in electronic form, the partners were able to instantly download all materials from the site sponsor. Otherwise, you will use postal services, which are very expensive and delivery of materials is from 1 week to 1 month. Some of their experience from their practical experience I shared – you remains the most important mission – to create a training system for its partners.

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