On the other utilities go in a month: Electricity – $ 40, the Internet with cable tv – $ 70, mobile phones – two for $ 8 and one for $ 20. I lived and worked in Edmonton, Alberta. There, prices for the same services are 2-3 times higher. In Toronto or Vancouver are even more expensive. But there and pay considerably more than Edmonton or Saskatchewan. With relatives who remained in the Ukraine, as the relationship going? Communicate through Skype or by phone? Heard in Canada, cheap international phone calls.

No, only deal with Ukraine on the internet. Connectivity is excellent, there is no need to call from a landline. Yes and Ukraine today, the Internet is practically all. Canadian medicine. Encountered? What is your average? Is it true what they say that in big cities and remote towns, the level of medicine may differ at times? Hospitals in Canada is everywhere, but the population density, and hence the workload of doctors is different. In large cities, people can not get to see a doctor – a record for many days ahead.

I gave birth 4 months ago in a tiny town (two and a half thousand inhabitants, according to the ideas of the Soviet people – a village). Contemporary, modern hospital equipped with the latest science and technology. For example, hospitals in Kiev and , and the soles are not suitable. Although I did not pay a penny (all covered state insurance), I served under the first category. Two different chambers, two doctors and seven nurses. ‘ve Never seen such a good service. Get an appointment with the doctor Saskatchewan, having no insurance, costs $ 30, childbirth without insurance – from $ 4000 to infinity. Sealing one tooth – $ 200. In general, the quality of life. How ‘advanced’ simple life of Canadians? Standard of living of the average Canadian family: the house, two cars, vacations on the warm islands. Of anything does not deny, change the new cars every 2-3 years, all the technical innovations – in every home. Thank you, Natalia, for an informative and interesting story and good luck in the development of the Canadian branch Forum suitcase! Please!


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