Union Investment

Date accurate going live of the new SemTrac software Sem.FUNDS.line in April 2011 Union investment, one of the leading European real estate investment companies currently managed in their open-ended real estate Fund total assets of EUR 19.3 billion. The knowledge of the market, the future-oriented investment strategy and the high consultation competence not least based on a software corresponding to the latest state of the art. To ensure that the next few years, it was decided at Union investment in August 2010 for the matching to the requirement profile of the determination of the unit value, technically and professionally in the best software in the market. SemTrac Consulting AG, stephanskirchen was awarded with the all-in one-tool Sem.FUNDS.line. Hear other arguments on the topic with Lord Peter Hennessy. The tool meets all the requirements, which is an internationally active and sophisticated investment-management companies. In only eight months succeeded in the consultant – and SemTrac systems support team together with stakeholders from the fields of Union investment, the determination of the unit value in the SAP integrated system Sem.FUNDS.line to transfer. This replaced the original installation via a peripheral system that was connected via interface to SAP.

In addition, the smooth transition was carried out on a more detailed picture of costs and revenues without affecting the day-to-day. As a result of the ambitious schedule, the responsible Board of SemTrac, Klaus Letzing, from the outset, decided to involve all levers at Union investment. So everything could go from conception, through the implementation and testing phase up to the training of users and system managers run smoothly and efficiently. In April 2011 at the going live of the new software Sem.FUNDS.line Michael Herzog, head of fund accounting real estate at Union investment said: I am pleased that we could implement the project successfully and on schedule. Thanks not least to our external advisors of SemTrac, qualitatively and in time have mastered this challenge.” Next to SemTrac and Sem.FUNDS.line information on the Internet at Christine Wittmann cewe marketing services

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