Where To Start Work On A Ph.D. Thesis

Everyone knows that the thesis should provide scientific information in the most complete form. it necessarily revealing the results and progress in research and describe in detail the methodology and the course of the study. Completeness of scientific information should be reflected in the fact that lead most detailed factual information, including detailed studies, hypotheses, broad historical excursions, etc. In general, before starting the actual work itself over the thesis, we recommend you develop a kind of logical scheme of work. Itself, this scheme consists of the following: 1) study the relevance of the topic chosen, and 2) setting goals and specific objectives of the study, 3) definition of the object and subject of study, and 4) the choice of methods (procedures) for the study; 5) a description of the research process, and 6) discussing the results of the study; 7) formulation of conclusions and evaluation of results. This logic circuit, as you can see, is not only a description of the study, but also a kind of skeleton of the abstract (which, in our opinion, it is written, of course, at the end of the work). In fact responding to submitted by 7 points and we get ready summary. We now turn to a detailed consideration of each item separately. The first stage of any investigation, whether a degree or Ph.D.

– is study the relevance of the chosen topic. Lighting relevance should not be too wordy. Also, do not start a conversation from a distance. Enough within a page, highlight the main thing – the essence in the title problems out of it already and will be visible to the relevance of the topic.


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