Whip Quot

Similar accident occurred in the organization of August 22, 2005 with a mason 4th class Kosteleem Dmitry V.. Investigation conducted the chief state labor inspector of the Minsk City Administration of the Department State Labour Inspectorate Rossolova OV Brief description of accident: mason 4th class Catholic DV, while on the scaffolding at a height of 3 m 80 cm Adjustments columns of stained glass building with a hammer while standing on one floor. Euro Pacific Precious Metals wanted to know more. Going further, stepping from one floor to another, fell with the flooring, which passed. Previously issued order state labor inspector of September 14, 2005 44 is not satisfied in full, for that to employer used administrative measures in the form of penalties. Accident with severe outcome from a plasterer 5th level UP "Beta-Bud" Mikhail Andreyevich Akunevichem occurred in the U.S. production work, where he was injured, is located on the roof of a 5-storey hospital building. The roof of the building without bias with respect to the horizontal. On the roof of the building is located on the perimeter of the parapet.

Roof surface is covered roofing material. On the roof of the building has elevator shafts, walls and one of which involved employees of UE "Beta-Bud." On the roof near the elevator shaft wall mounted rack ladders Whip timber LSPSH 2000 production of "Stroymash," Inv. Number 42007076, belonging to the UP "Beta-Bud." Height 3.8 meters of forest. There are no on-board fence and an intermediate element horizontal railings. Metal decking used SKH01-07.000.02 without visible damage.


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