The crisis that has affected the world economy during the past few years has also meant for airlines considered as traditional or high cost, a blow to their economies, inflexible and unable to adapt to the actual needs of a market that requires saving resources and economy of means to survive in such circumstances. The so-called low-cost airlines have weathered the storm of the crisis with much better luck, and amid widespread in traditional airlines, losses of low-cost levied their balance sheets with minimum losses and even profits. Although it gives the impression that the global crisis begins to remit and the airlines have improved their numbers in recent months, a too optimistic scenario would not allow a real vision of the scene in which still many airlines face or have faced hard processes of restructuring and adjustment of its costs to be viable in the new market emerged from the crisis. So, we can see how the alliances, associations to operate or mergers are the order of the day: any movement will be good for strengthening the economy of the airlines and compete with lower expenses by a market that does not absorb the high costs that traditional companies still have. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Asaro offers on the topic.. In the Mexican aviation company have a current example, seeing himself on the brink of bankruptcy, with its activity decreased to minimum by lack of economic resources terms, now in the hands of new owners, who at the moment have said they plotted a 100 day plan to relaunch the activities of the company, something that perhaps may achieve with the help of trade unions who seem willing to adjust their perceptions to terms that will help achieve the viability loss. Today have also appeared information that point to that Aeromexico, the first Mexican airline could also be confronted soon to a restructuring process in similar proportions to which is undergoing the second airline in the country’s importance Aztec, within the overall process of this sector adaptation to new needs.

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