Also, depending on the object of the invention may require application of special documents. After receipt of the application, Rospatent conducted a formal examination, by the end of which the applicant receives the decision of a positive result of the formal examination. Next to submit the request for examination on the merits of the invention, attaching the receipt of the request payment of state duty 900 rubles. And only after this examination, approximately one year (standard procedure) or six (on a fast track procedure) can be obtained a decision on granting a patent. After that, again, we need pay the state fee for a patent for an invention (1,200 rubles). When all state fees will be paid, it will be possible to obtain a patent. He comes by mail to the address specified in the application for a patent, but not earlier than over 2-2.5 months after the last payment of state duty. Such, in general, the procedure of obtaining a patent in Russia.

Put all this work on the shoulders of the specialized organizations will cost $ 25 – 35 thousand rubles, excluding state taxes. Now touch the question – why is it so important to get a patent on the invention. In – First, the presence of a patent prevents others from using the invention on the territory of Russia, but in other states, any person can register your invention and to produce any products using it. In – the second, the presence of a patent is considered by many potential investors as required condition of their entry into the project. And – third, the inventor may well be beneficial to himself or assign a patent to grant licenses to use the invention. You should also not forget that the correct registration invention will avoid many troubles related to the protection of the rights to his invention in court.

Currently, court cases related to the protection of inventions considering arbitration. Arbitration cases considered for a long time and are costly to the aid of lawyers engaged in courts. Therefore, obtaining a patent for an invention is a necessary step in any innovative project, and must be properly prepared for him, and, if necessary, prepared to defend their rights in arbitration. * Analytical materials and statistics on certain activities Rospatent 2005


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