Anaxagoras (499 – 428 A. C) it was born in clazomene (towards minor) and dirijio to Athens in the 453. Bound by friendship and political adhesion to Pericles. It was accused by impiedad by the enemies of this and one was forced to leave the city in the 434. Passing away in lampsaco. Anaxagoras was according to Diogenes Laercio, was " first that to marteria, aadio intelligence. The Ionian tradition renews in Anaxagoras, in whose opinion nothing is generated nor destroyed, but is simple mescla and separation. The fundamental question of the pre-Socratic philosophy.

The interrogation by the permanent being with a view to the explanation than occurs and changes. It is solved by Anaxagoras not by means of the supposition of a only principle nor by means of the affirmation of which the being only is. " but fine and pure of all the things " nous is therefore the principle of the order but also the principle of animation and individualisation of the things that constitute the harmonic order of the universe, but nous produces the order of a way anticipated from always. Not as a destiny, but like a force. Mechanic that it develops from its own center, that is to say, of the center of its movement in eddy nous is therefore, principle of the movement, but of a movement that extends almost blindly, because it is animation rather that fulfillment of a necessary justice.

For that reason it affirms Aristotle who the thought of Anaxagoras lacks clarity. Because although it explains the transit of the chaos to the order like intervention in the confused thing and mesclado of the pure thing and without mescla it explains, it without justifying as well the purpose of this pure and universal spirit. The perception of the things takes place, according to Anaxagoras, by means of the sensation of the differences between our the external senses and objects.


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