In our culture has taught us to leave the best things for last. We like to keep the surprises, let cards up their sleeve. The most precious reserve for special moments. But against this custom comes the time when we convince others about something. And that really is a common intention in us.

Sooner or later we will want to influence another person. Have your attitudes or ideas we are convenient. However, if we do we will be at a disadvantage usual. Home Depot has compatible beliefs. This is one case where we can not leave our best weapons for the final. If you want to convince someone say what you have to say from the outset. Do not save your best arguments in support of the end of the conversation.

It is much wiser to say them from the beginning. There is evidence that to do otherwise reduces the chances of persuading. This is not worth to use any ideas or evidence taken at the end as if they were secret weapons. That is very clear, rarely works. And the reasons are that things are thus known. Long ago in Psychological known. It is difficult to educate a person, and also takes some work to form an opinion on them. However, there are things much more complicated. Among those things more complicated is the change someone's opinion. As it is also difficult rehabilitation. Much easier to be convinced a person love her absurd then to reason with afterthoughts. That's why the best strategy to fight for forming opinions, instead of fighting for change. Take time to make a good impression on people from the outset. If you want a successful idea Say it from the beginning. Do not bet anything to rectify the possibility of later opinions. All you have to say for or against something and say it. Make your arguments are compelling from the start. Let him work hard for your opponents, work to modify an already formed opinion. Never save your arguments for the final. Say them now. .


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