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Business idea continues in the daily business by Tutzing, 21 April 2010 – VAT bookkeeping service a real trump card for companies which was still hard to imagine some time ago, has prevailed in the market in the meantime. The outsourcing of services in the context of the financial accounting to external service providers outside of the company today is one of the most interesting ways for companies to increase the financial flexibility and capacity, more economical to employ staff. VAT accounting services make the company with more than 20 years of experience in all areas of financial accounting to the specialists for the outsourcing of financial accounting. The advantages are convincing: quick relief of workload fast processing of residues effort / costs project-based cost accounting full cost control flexibility in the staffing no fixed staff retention the company sees itself as a service provider and done for small and medium-sized enterprises; Freelancers, self-employed and entrepreneur the Accounting Professional, including pick-up and drop-off service of accounting documents. With this accounting service, companies can save valuable time, are flexible, full cost control, and can devote even more the own business business. VAT accounting service sees itself as a partner of all freelancers and small business owners, as well as medium-sized enterprises of all industries, and even throughout Bavaria.

The works be done with compatible and barrier free accounting programs. This software is compatible to DATEV and allows an easy data export to your tax advisor. The simple and trustful cooperation with the accountants or auditors ensures maximum cost and time advantages. Experience makes a significant difference. There is no universally accepted solution for the company only an individual”, as Monika Walther, founder and owner of VAT bookkeeping service. With more than two decades of experience in different areas and VAT accounting service offers exactly the support functions of financial accounting, which fit to the respective companies. The core areas of the business are such as accounting, invoicing, filing systems, training and services. For more information to the MWS accounting service by: VAT accounting service Monika Walther address Lindemann 7 82327 Tutzing postal address P.o. box 1216 82324 Tutzing phone 08158-3773 fax 08158-999 872 email Web:


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