Berlin Planning Office

Berlin Branch is reinforced with Dr.-ing. Benjamin Jager and grows next Dr.-ing. Benjamin Jager strengthens the Berlin branch since mid-2009 and provides his knowledge of 15 years of consulting experience to the study of environmental protection, with a focus on engineering acoustics, in the service of Muller-BBM. As previously at a Berlin Planning Office, the creation of expertise on all aspects of the construction and acoustics, as well as the immission protection represents his priorities. Major projects, but also outstanding issues such as the protection of ancient exhibits from structural shocks are responsible edited by him. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili is actively involved in the matter. He extended his competence as a reviewer to the facet of project coordination at all stages of the life cycle”approval of and approval of industrial and commercial equipment, from the choice of location about obtaining approval and operation up to changes and extensions. The areas of the establishment Construction and acoustics as well as pollution, thermal building physics, fire protection and air pollution are Berlin and others in the areas. The range of services is complemented by the subsidiary company Muller-BBM project management in the field of technically and legally sound care around approval..


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