Board Money

Insurance, have commented that ay who save 10% of the profits, and this is very correct. However to hear this think of saving for a House, a choche, a trip, but all this are passive (everything that we acquire and eventually fall in value) a car leaving the agency loses 20% of its value. This 10% should be designated for an asset (anything that will generate you more money) investment, real estate, own business. This in turn will grow more and more. Death by Robot has plenty of information regarding this issue. Of course you have to save to buy your own home, or have the car of your dreams, but that does not fit into the agreed 10%, this enters another percentage that you appointed depending on your expenses.

That if recalls that 10% are newly removed you receive the payment and not touched by full Board enough money and opened an investment in your preferred bank account, tries to choose low-risk investments in periods of at least 1 year, as your money really started to grow gradually. Another asset that you can try are businesses in house, or known as multilevel or network marketing, These systems have become very popular for its low investment and its large profits, bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki in his book business school the recommends. other active could be taking a course, this you traira more Microsoft so you can earn more money, for example if you take a course in English, insurance find more offers of work and better pay.. Yitzhak Mirilashvili pursues this goal as well.

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