BTL Agency

What is BTL service"? Do you think this is another attempt to sell the customer something long ago known and understood in the guise of something entirely new? No way! BTL stands for Below the line. This is a complex marketing events that hold special agency. For even more analysis, hear from Jeff Sessions. It includes many useful activities, such as sales promotion, distribution of leaflets, advertising campaigns. BTL marketing is especially good because you can tell advertising message or a call for purchase directly to the individual consumer. BTL agency will organize this process so that the message is the most personal, the place most impact approaching the point of sale or to the place where the decision to purchase. Each person got into the campaign, feels that the proposal was drawn to him, but not to a faceless abstraction "consumer." BTL Activities include promotions for consumers, activities, enabling wholesale buyers, shares of loyalty to business partners. Each of our BTL manager – a true professional of his craft. BTL technology is not standing place in our changing world, and we constantly introduce the latest techniques in this field, always managing to keep up to date. BTL projects also involve searching for information, compiling databases and analysis of information collected. Proper conduct of BTL – a guarantee that success is about to knock on your door. Source: Production Centre Sergei Knyazev


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