Building Changes

Changing building and fire standards and requirements, changing laws. The number of people employed in considering the draft officials may be 50-60 people: Secretary-chief-executive-secretary of the head in each instance. Each service is officially entitled to review the documents within 30 days and issue a response. The answer may be agreement or refusal. Make the journey from beginning to end on their own, without help from professionals, it is difficult.

2) you trust us to complete collection of documents for approval of redevelopment. Thus, you save yourself from a tiring process. At the same time relying on their experience, we guarantee you collect all the documents as soon as possible. Agreement made alterations. Obtaining a permit to carry out redevelopment and refurbishment of residential buildings (apartments) and the conversion of non-residential premises.

Reconstruction of facilities – an indoor construction, including the reconstruction measures, to their redevelopment or conversion to alter the properties of the performance space while maintaining the overall technical and economic performance within size of the object reconstruction. Redevelopment areas – to change its configuration, which requires a change in the data sheet of the room. Remodelling is carried out while maintaining the functional purpose premises. Conversion of premises – installation, replacement or transfer of utilities, plumbing, electric go other equipment requiring a change in the data sheet of the room. Alterations carried out to adapt the premises to a new functional purpose. Reconstructive work, including running in conjunction with work on the redevelopment and refurbishment, provide for partial changes in the load-bearing structures and (or) in the architectural appearance of the building.

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