Cajamar: Origins and

Cajamar: Origins and change of name The original entity was founded in 1963 by the hand of Don Juan del Aguila Molina and Don Jesus Durban Remon. Cajamar opened its first office in 1966, under the name Caja Rural de Almer a (then CRA, Cr Cooperative Society Limited Andaluza), constituting the current trade name in 2000 following the merger of the Caja Rural de Almeria and the Caja Rural Malaga (with the name Caja Rural de Almeria and Malaga, Sociedad Cooperativa de Cr dito), and integrating the cooperative Murcia Campo de Cartagena (1989) and Grumeco Madrid (2000). On June 15, 2001 was established as Inter Caja Rural, Sociedad Cooperativa de Cro, and its name from the September 14, 2006 CAJAMAR the Caja Rural, Sociedad Cooperativa de Cro. His plan contemplated the absorption growth of commercial networks of other entities.For it now has offices of Banco Urquijo, Sanpaolo Bank and Citibank in various provinces. In August 2007 it merged with the Caja Rural del Duero, based in Valladolid, increasing its presence in central and northern peninsula. In 2009, the Group was established in three Valencian banks (Caja Campo, Caixa and Caja Albalat Casinos), to which was added in January 2010 Caixapetrer.

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