Company SetService

Not twisted against the soul, if we say that in recent years in our country has become much more manifest interest in the sport. And not only to the so-called large, but the mass, which has its existence in the stadiums and playing fields of schools, universities, government agencies and local governments. Much of this interest, in which much of the credit belongs to the state, stimulates the pace of development in Russia, production and sales high-quality sports equipment and inventory. It's nice that Russia produced sports equipment and sports is not only well-known brands such as Nike or Adidas, but also its own production. Moreover, call it plagiarism is impossible, though, of course, some ideas of Western companies that manufacture sportosnascheniya are borrowed. However, at the heart of the manufacturing companies of our country on ideas engineers and designers – our own 'lefties' of the sport. Most likely, we would have tried to take a maximum of promising ideas, but the country simply has no related materials and technologies.

While Russian sports equipment manufacturers are experiencing some difficulties in working with domestic raw materials in the absence of the necessary grades. In this sense, the imported raw materials is much more suitable for to put the mass production of sports equipment is much better quality. As a result of the synergy of design and composition of design excellence of our engineers with high-quality imported raw materials are obtained lightweight, ergonomic and mobile models of sports equipment of Russian origin. Sport equipment, which is designed in such a way, is the most reliable, high-quality, easy to practice and competitions, as well as strong and durable. Firm 'Set-Service' in the Russian market of sports equipment and sports equipment for over ten years. Managers, engineers, managers and staff working company performed over the years a huge amount of work which are in technical documentation development and production technologies of various types of sports equipment and its basic range for such sports as hockey, football, basketball, gymnastics, etc.


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