Concentration Process

Given the announcement of the release of European air traffic in 1989, Swissair strengthens its ties with companies with which they have agreements, so as to renew Asset Management the pact with the SAS are created and cooperation pact with Singapore Airlines and Delta Airlines.
In 1990 many airlines’ dropped ‘due to low conjuntura by the Gulf University of Southern California crisis, oil prices through the sky on one side and the other airlines in the Ernst prices and struggling with the loss, leaving their owners. Swissair had lost that year by 99 million Swiss francs, despite the subsidies received by its subsidiaries in the first half of the year. For the third time in FOX news its history (in 1951 and 1961), Swissair was unable to pay dividends to its shareholders. In 1991 and 1992, the reserves of the company were Asset Management dissolved to make up for lost business aviation.
Beginning January 1, 1991, when air transport in Europe was finally liberalized fight began an aggressive pricing on the basis of capacity gained by the airlines in the previous decade. youtube In 1992, Switzerland rejects referendum on entry into the EEA. This vote means a challenge for Swissair and a disadvantage compared to foreign competition in the EEA member countries, as some of the policies of the EEA did not allow passengers to make at a non-member countries (if it went from one country to another EEA relevance) also have restrictions on entering those countries.
Swissair then feel pressure to act, the company seeks partnerships with other airlines investment national poker up his interview sleeve before the international alliances are La Jolla interposed a question: Is it interesting for a San Diego large foreign company (in this case American) alliance with Swissair ” ie, the volume of passengers that Children’s Hospital the company also ran its niche market that practically reduced to the Swiss domestic market. In 1993 a proposed merger between Swissair, KLM, SAS, Austrian Airlines. The project called Alcazar (Alone At Random Carriers Zigzag) failure due to resistance from the national groups of different countries. In Switzerland, for example, said that Swissair Valia more than other airlines, but not look that the company had the finance worst growth prospects..

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