Confidence In The Financial Services Industry Is Growing!

In Germany there are approximately 500,000 financial services, but they are hardly noticed by the public. According to recent surveys of large German companies have, however, belongs also in Germany in the future. In the U.S., the profession of financial services is considered very high and is called on the first places the same with lawyers, doctors and managers with. The scope of financial services includes not only is accepted universally as always, to procure for its customers a cheap credit, is he cares about far more than the public ever adopted. He advises his clients holistically in all aspects of preparedness, for example, how can the customer to spend his retirement at age calmed down without having to relinquish its current standard, and thus now have only a slight burden to have more. The latest studies show large well-known companies that will increase poverty among the elderly in Germany. His efforts go there, of course, deliver its clients satisfied, so he advises his clientsalso in the areas of tax savings, for example, in making the right investment, the so-called tax-saving models. The polls also show, however, remains that many Germans are still paying the adviser in the bank more confidence than free financial services. This has to do, however, but surely something with the black creativity in this much-sensitive area of finances, which can order an entire service arm are in a bad light there. The Federal Government is aware of the sensitivity of the Germans in this sensitive area of financial services and has responded acquiesces. The federal government has created a new environment, the financial center to further strengthen Europe as a whole. One of the first steps in this direction was certainly the introduction of the Insurance Mediation Directive, with the adoption of the Insurance Mediation Directive has also introduced a qualification in this field to provide any financial service provider must have a qualification, or he may not exercise the profession. Even with the suggestions of the draft to beAssociations and independent financial service providers have been introduced, including the further discussions that have been involved. What has emerged during the talks with the representatives of associations, in regard to the quality standards and quality assurance, an important step in the future of financial services. Some major elements such as professional indemnity and similar arrangements are an important element for the establishment of the trust clients in the financial services industry. This has included the federal government implanted a bit more consumer protection. Thus the independent financial intermediaries are treated with both agents employed professionals must now demonstrate the same qualification. Thus the quality and reputation of the financial services provider in the Federal Republic will increase dramatically, and perhaps will be called in the near future the profession here in the first rows. The independent financial services providers can from the whole width of the insurance and capital products to choose for the good of the customer.Where the tied agent you, for example, your bank, but also in the exclusive representatives. These can and must only promote your products, even if you are not even convinced that these are intended for the benefit of the customer. It is surely aware of the responsibility each take, the financial services industry. They play an enormously important role in the Federal Republic, for the pension, insurance, investment, and for a cheap credit for the benefit of each individual customer. It is also clear that the free movement of financial services will include the future in Germany.

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