Conquest of Mexico

Conquest of Mexico Proposed by-Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) November 25, 2008 17:52 (UTC) Minimum time for discussion (7 days) November 25 to December 1 Grounds History Category I think it’s a great article complete and the information presented has been verified with several sources. It is an important chapter in the history of Mexico, its ranking in Wikipedia recorded 200,000 visits in the last three months, for that reason, I also hope to help improve it. or (s) principal (s) Jaontiveros Overview Article Conquest of Mexico ( discussion history links watch logs protect delete) Reviews Comment I honestly do not think the article is ready for AD, it is certainly extensive bibliography is surely good, but there are many paragraphs, figures or events that are not referenced properly, which I consider central to all items, especially when it comes to historical items.((I think) and (AP))) (VT in the wrong location and the text can still be a lot more polished. It is a pity that there are maps in French or English. r ge ! ! November 26, 2008 00:56 (UTC) Hello! Thanks for your interest and small corrections. With pleasure we can move to add references, perhaps in some cases only be relocated as not to saturate the text many times indicated at the end of each item .. if not much trouble .. Could you use the template citation needed in the article itself or on this site … I promise to get to work on it right away, because it is a very easy to solve. Well, it was not so easy .. according to the petition, there has been an increase in references 100 to 142, ie 40 more. As for verifiability think we cover the requirement.Done to ComentarioAl for repeated visits in one or two paragraphs, I think that filling out the text of the article with many antics, reading becomes uncomfortable (he, he seems escrabble), I prefer keeping appointments discreetly at the end of paragraphs as is now .. Do you think it necessary Where would place the ((AP)) and ((VT)) . Greetings, Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) 1:24 November 26, 2008 (UTC) We work in your user subpage if you like. I did not want to vote against it because, as he says, will be subject to relocate any references or easily get on the network. r ge ! ! November 26, 2008 1:30 (UTC) Of course. -Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) 1:39 November 26, 2008 (UTC) The Internet is important references or use the ((cite web)) or place the information in it appears, such as date consultation.r ge ! ! November 27, 2008 1:47 (UTC), ok. working on it (I will also continue to book references linking to the website where there is availability) .. well, except for error or omission Done Like I said, strikes me as odd that the “Online ion” and more if we talk about the wikipedia article is on the Internet. Suggest that it be deleted. r ge ! ! November 27, 2008 2:05 (UTC) Done commentary notes in the article a collateral deficiency is important and that is full of articles linked to geographic locations, both physical and political, but that the articles of these places do not contain the coordinates of situation. Today with existing technology to place the coordinates on all items of geographic locations is a relevant point because it allows to quickly and easily make a virtual tour of the area. Salu2.- Feliciano (talk) 17:34 November 26, 2008 (UTC) Feliciano Hello!, Sorry for reply later .. (I’m with the issue of adding quotes) .. well, I’d like to assist in the placement coordinates in all these articles, especially when it comes to Mexico, since I know relatively well the geography, but my computer is outdated (2001) and Google Earth does not support, nor vector drawing program to generate files “svg”. It was not until the cooperation of another user is (Mexican, perhaps) have available a more powerful or modern equipment and know the geography of that mentioned here. Greetings, Jaontiveros (kao ask me!) November 27, 2008 14:21 (UTC) Comment The geographical coordinates are NOT a prerequisite for choosing AD. Stubble Burn me November 28, 2008 14:40 (UTC) Comment I think … and maybe be wrong, but …the title is inappropriate for me is the Conquistade Mexico or Mexico but bad memories of Mexico’s name was not proposed entry DAfter Trigarante Army, through the three laws, it would be better if the item received the name of conquest of the Aztec Empire, a little longer but with the certainty that this item is: Conquest of Mexico may be associated with the collapse of the Mexican government for the entry of a war provoked by a neighboring country that has defeated us, well I do not know if it’s OK, but for me it would be better, I leave in your hands ….

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