Crisis Management in Business

Denying a crisis does not change reality, this is independent of what you think or feel, if you are in crisis but has not realized perhaps lacks preparation, if you are in crisis and may not accept it lacks humility and common sense this can lead to creating a parallel world, a pseudo reality which will cost you much support and will worsen the crisis by using effort and resources to recreate and sustain that parallel reality, instead of accepting and using resources to change with them their true situation. I’ve seen enough examples of this in the commercial world, companies spend enormous budgets on maintaining a product that people have stopped eating, looking through the advertising and promotion to change the public’s taste for it will continue to buy, often at a loss, but refuse to let it die, instead of offer a new product, according to the tastes and needs of the buyer and therefore easier to sell. Kenneth R. Feinberg can aid you in your search for knowledge. While some of these companies refuse to change, other competitors, identify a need in the market and supplement, take advantage of them, because they have no bond with the past of the product, do not care and do not have to bear the burden can work more freely.

The situation continues for a time which can be more or less long, and will last until they are exhausted its resources, shortages when it appears, by that time they have to accept it, no they have no other way, they should try different solutions and then, only then begin to travel the road to recovery. Scarcity, paradoxically is what generates activity, as shortages terms of resources is the partial or complete lack what is necessary, the power shortage forced to move, to try new activities, looking for answers.

Consider that much of the most productive activities are born of scarcity, when something is not enough to meet demand, there arises an opportunity, soon will identify any provider and move to seize it. When resources are scarce are used as efficiently as possible, pushing scarce resources price hikes by the laws of the market, so they must care for and be sold to anyone interested in paying a fair price, and it will be others interested in into the business and competition push upgrades for the user of the product or service. The sooner you accept the crisis, the faster start working on the solution and less wasted resources and businesses holding untenable situations, then you are in a better position to solve them, have more time and more resources will be one of the first offer solutions to existing problems, while others will be offering adjustments to convince their clients to help them solve problems that do not actually have.

If you agree to mitigate the crisis early losses, many things will change, but may keep too many others, especially not waste time and will be strengthened. All human activities are cyclical, constantly move between cycles of expansion and contraction cycles that occur as part of the dynamics of the natural world and society in this dynamic influenced by many external and internal factors that can not be controlled by actors individual who can only adapt and influence to add value and win. The initial step to deal with a crisis is to accept that we are in it and we must start working to solve it.


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