Theories and explanations help and complement each other for further investigating the complexity of human beings through learning about others through biology, social relations and all of them are just parts of a whole to find the adaptive mechanisms and healthy for humans. As described further below, the models look the etiology biologists in physiology, psychoanalysis and dynamic models in shaping the self and personality, cognitive-behavioral models, learning and systemic patterns in the relationship between the individual and other systems to come. There are cases in which biological predisposition marked by a heavy burden inherited forces detract from the other variables, such as genetic abnormalities, but it seems clear that the rest of the spectrum is given in a greater proportion of the disorders described by the Psychiatry. CASE: 45 years male single parents mature son (born when the mother was 43 years old father and 40 years). Pregnancy risk, losses and nine months of complete rest.

The part of his childhood was really dark and unhappy with a parent diagnosed with schizophrenia and that because of his delusions kept this child and his wife in absolute silence because he believed that the noises from her head and caused two of them. So the boy spent more hours on the road than at home and hid her breathing when she slept with the bedding, to avoid incurring the wrath of his father. In the marital relationship was known infidelities of his young son, was also a participant. The mother had to go to work because he had left his job as representative of a famous film producer, because he pursued.


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