Experts Against Journalists

On the subject blogs can often find all the possible classification of bloggers. Most often colleagues in the shop are classified according to talent as a publicist and the quality of the material. Well, for example: "The Shoemaker" – the poor, even kopipast normally can not do. The school loved the lessons of labor. "Purgenolog – freeloader who knows where it was, therefore, drives the" it "in large numbers. The school did not like literature. "Stenographer" – does, rewrite, sometimes quality sometimes as "shoemaker." The school did not like writing essays, always sat at a desk with Lenka-A student. Aquarius – the water a lot of little use.

His expelled from the lessons of history and literature, for excessive demagogy. Loves to be in the spotlight, does not read books. "Technician" – says dryly, but in the case. At school, like mathematics, is not fond of literature. Sometimes, like "Aquarius" considers himself "the crown of nature." Sometimes, fasting can be suppressed, so that happens, I want to drink "Aquarius", and even better, "Dostoyevsky." "Professional" – combines the best features of "geek" and "Aquarius." Typically, the counter number of RSS subscribers only confirms this. "Dostoevsky" – writes better "professional", but usually more specific.

Read always nice, but it's more a hobby than business. As doping using beer, and other heavier stimulators of creativity. Do not pick on my classification, I am only at ease retold office colleagues. I can not in principle about this, there is another more general classification of the "journalists", the "experts" and as always on "something between." "Zhuranalisty" is bloggers who base their work on the news reviews, translations, etc.

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