Faster, Higher, Stronger, More Expensive !

The choice of Sochi Winter Olympic Games venue in 2014 already had a positive impact on the Russian market. In addition to improving the country's prestige and economic recovery in the region, conducting the Olympic Games, there are quite certain items of income, which is usually calculated hosts games and future Sochi Olympics will be no exception. However, not always the Olympics brings only profit, costs for which grow continuously. And were frankly a failure in financial terms the Olympics. German Gref, head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Ministry expects that all costs associated with holding the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi will be repaid within ten years, with an approximate initial investment of $ 12 billion. The amount is significant, where did the money will take and what items of expenditure will be spent on? Analysts Antanta Capital on Based ftp "Development of Sochi as a mountain resort (2006 -2014 gg.)" argue that " In accordance with this program, in its first scenario, means choosing the city as the venue for the Olympics, planned to spend a total of $ 12.2 billion from this enormous sum of $ 7.6 billion will be financed by the federal and regional budgets. Sources of funding: $ 7.2 billion Federal Budget The budget of the Krasnodar Territory and Sochi 0.4 Extrabudgetary 4.6 Total 12.2 The core costs of the program – construction and reconstruction of existing transport infrastructure of Sochi, the erection of a complex of sports facilities for winter sports construction and reconstruction of tourism facilities


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