Fire Construction

Currently, experts in the field of fire automatics is no secret that a full fire protection facility can not be done without the union of all components of fire automation into a single cohesive complex. Gone are the days when it was enough to bring in, say, the ventilation system and smoke one for the object signal to the fire detection and limit it. The construction boom in our country, the massive construction of hypermarkets, the construction of modern hotels, mixed-use complexes cause greater flexibility to control problem Fire automation, look for optimal solutions to protect people and property. This is the branching of the control algorithms for ventilation, flame-retardant flaps, elevators, alarm and escape control by fire, fire suppression systems, makes for a more intellectually rich controls APPZ. Usually formulated three priority requirements for the fire APPZ: * How can earlier detection of fire.

* Delivery of all necessary signals for activating the automatic fire of an object. This back pressure of air in the elevator shafts and stairwells, and disconnection of the general exchange ventilation and smoke removal systems integration, and control valves, and the forced lowering of the elevators, and automatic closing fire doors, and run the automatic extinguishing systems (AUPT). * Detailed information about the fire situation at the facility and staff on duty, and others present at the occupants. It is often forgotten that the system APPZ most of the time in standby mode and does not produce all the above actions. The main advantage of the fire alarm system (PS) in this case is to minimize the number of false positives, which, among other negative factors may entail material damage.


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