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Tax optimized until in old age many advantages of foreign policies 2010 had 27 million or one-third of all private households in Germany about a custody account at a total value of over 780 billion euros. Mutual funds, which make up about half of the investments in the portfolios are particularly popular. (Source: Bundesverband of deutscher Banken). The downside: Classic securities are subject to not only the 25% withholding tax plus solidarity and church tax. Often, high front-end, custody and transaction costs reduce the yield.

In many cases, there are also overpriced and often yield weak in-house funds in these accounts. In particular for long-term wealth accumulation, investment policies of Liechtenstein offer a tax-optimised, economical and customizable alternative. This life – and pension insurance with capital voting rights meet not only the German tax and other legal requirements, but also offer a variety of other benefits. Withholding tax free Capital construction – free choice of the plant from a single premium of 50.000,-can be drawn to such investment policy. The premium is invested by the insurance in accordance with selection of the policyholder. It to the public distribution of approved funds and ETFs available to everybody. Of course this can be changed at any time.

For capital gains, interest and dividends to stay off immediately tax-free. Profits can be tax-free realized and reinvested back – the compound interest effect comes to the fore. When withdrawals from a maturity of 12 years and final age 60 the semi-income system will be applied. In the case of a retirement budget revenue share taxation. In the death of the insured person, payments to beneficiaries are Einkommensteuerfrei. Low cost higher earnings potential the depots shall be conducted basically low-cost direct banks and fund platforms. Innovative services write any front-end, as well as annual kickbacks Funds the customer deposit good. As part of the ongoing insurance costs can be covered depending on the portfolio composition already.

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