Posted by Nataly Romero is clear to all interviewees who are definitely two different social strata sports’ how costly it practical implications and the places where you can do are the main factors, but people have been mythologized this situation to make something as universal as the sport in categories in which for every sport there is a certain type of person. But go very far, stereotypes have reached the point of saying that there are sports for women, for men, white or black ‘and lean to rich and poor. In this last division in sports, which could easily be called elitism, two key exponents are golf and microfutbol. It is well known that golf is called a white sport, it is impeccable, the uniforms are clean and the courts are trimmed to perfection. It is an individual game, and viewers very seriously waiting in silence until the player makes the shot, which is rewarded not with screams and hugs, but with applause at a considerable distance. Just the opposite occurs with microfutbol, a sport so public that strangers play each other. Micro Teams are everywhere, schools, universities, districts, units ‘playing is as simple as putting two stones off a shirt and start playing until you win the more goals that do’ not measure time and words, because you can play almost anywhere, without tools other than a ball that can shoot. From here you begin to form collective imaginations that make people believe that the rich do not play micro. The truth is that our culture (we are rich or poor) has a great inclination for soccer, so try to deny some importance, it is definitely a connector between social classes, the rich play the same microfutbol. The situation as seen from the golf course is totally different to play golf is necessary to belong to any club, pay the court action to stay perfect, also, the clubs and balls are of high prices and few make cow purchase. The situation with the stratification of sports is that people stick to the stereotypes much they dare not go into the land of another, few amateur golfers would close the street from his house to play mic while people of lower economic capacity, even sometimes confuse golf and tennis, and golf have never seen. Part of the strength they have these biases is caused by the media, including national TV, in which little is spoken of golf while soccer is the most common things in it the same way about the radio ‘but one wonders, how entertaining can be heard a little game of golf “Physically, our capabilities are not very different, are thoughts that hinder people from trying new things, like playing golf, or as the case, minigolf, try foods be different or unknown locations. We die letting our economic situation and guide our actions and habits are not willing to change ‘

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