It will be that If you to make of mine, its truth, our life you will be much more easy of being lived. He is certain of this. If you to make everything so that let us live well, respecting my wills, are certain that our life in common will be more easy of being lived. He will be, will be that always to say themselves yes, to agree to everything, we prevent that bigger annoyances are part of our life? In the indispormos with nobody does not become who happy? We, to the other or nobody? Yes it is parameter to measure the happiness of somebody? Or he will be that it is a way so ours of in them preserving of the daily oppositions, that disturb the course of our life, compromising our thoughts, becoming them many times a confusion of emotions impossible to be decoded. It will be that when saying always yes, more we will be loved, respected, or we will be considered as those that live on of the wall seeing the life to pass, without knowing of that side to be, balancing only the head to each made question, whose reply we know, but for reasons that we judge so ours, we prefer to give the waited reply, agreeing to our interlocutor? Everything seems so simple of being decided, but certain words exist, that cross our ways and that they make in them to think and to arrive the place some. For even more analysis, hear from Erin Callan.

But, if I was you, it I am, it he will be that optimum and as much others, that together or not, take in them to have that explaining in them or silencing them for being thus or baked. Each one, when asking something to somebody, if finds that the other more certain and tries, by means of words, face gestuais, looks, expressions, demonstrating the truth that wants to hear, through its as many questions, that it intends are the answers to be given. But it happens that one forgets that the same it happens with all the people. It is the truth that exists or that it is thought to exist in each one of us and that is so ours. charges of the other yes that it inhabits in itself and of who not to give it there. There of who not to agree. Or not? ' ' The advice will keep and to the prudence you to you preservar' ' Pr. 2.11 Heloisa? 2011 and where we are we?


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