Housing Ministry

The rehabilitation of buildings for homes, hotels, offices, industrial buildings and singular buildings is becoming a greater weight in the construction sector and in State, regional and municipal policies. PM enterprises are the best guarantee to carry out these interventions without deviations from cost and time. In Spain there is a park built of 25 million homes. Of those, half have more than 30 years old and about six million more than 50 years. In many cases these homes present major shortcomings in its thermal and acoustic insulation, energy efficiency and its accessibility and livability.

Thus, there is a significant scope for the residential rehabilitation, taking into account, in addition, that rehabilitation represents only 25% of the production in the construction sector, in Spain when in the EU15, the average weight of this sector rises to 37%. The rehabilitation of buildings and dwellings traditionally is the object of the work of small businesses, which employ more than 70% of the people who work in the building sector is labour intensive. Also, for the implementation of these interventions are needed materials and building systems adapted, but above all a specific training of workers and management and instruments helps citizens in carrying out works that require their homes. The Government is supporting the rehabilitation processes with direct grants (amounting in the housing and rehabilitation Plan 2009-2012 to 1,767 million euros), tax benefits included in Royal Decree Law 6/2010 andthe financing from the Fund of the law of sustainable economy. The Housing Ministry has recently proposed the creation of a social platform for the promotion of the rehabilitation, which will drive new instruments that will strengthen the activity of the sector and its ancillary industries, so its activity will reach 35% of the total of the building sector, which is the target by 2020 in the sustainable development strategy. In addition, the hospitality industry takes since 2009 applying the Plan Renove of the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade with an investment of 500 million euros for the rehabilitation and improvement of touristic infrastructures. Everything indicates that the rehabilitation sector will have increasing importance in the construction sector, address the shortage of new construction projects. In this type of intervention, companies of integrated management of projects bring all his experience in control of costs and deadlines in projects of rehabilitation and reform for the hospitality industry, offices, industrial, commercial and residential centers.

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