In Brazil

This if becomes each time more clearly when we observe a considerable growth in the number of companies who work with recycling of materials. An example of this concern is the Replaneta project, that consists of collection of cans of aluminum and bottles PET, for posterior recycling, and that it has as bases of sustentation for the success of the business the automation and an efficient logistic operation of reversa (MALINVERNI, 2002.). The new ambient regulations, in special the referring ones to the residues, come compelling the logistic one to operate in its calculations with ' ' costs and the benefits externos' '. E, in function of this, understands that the logistic green can be seen as a new paradigm in the sector. In accordance with ALCOFORADO (2002), the logistic ecological green or acts in set with logistic reversa, in the direction to minimize the ambient impact, not only of the residues in the sphere of the production and of after-I consume, but of all the impacts throughout the cycle of life of the products.

2.5.4 LOGISTIC REVERSA IN BRAZIL In Brazil not yet exists no legislation that encloses this question, and therefore the logistic process of reversa is in diffusion and not yet it is faced by the companies as a process ' ' necessrio' ' , since the majority of the companies does not possess a specific department to manage this question; thus, some Resolutions are used, as, for example, the Conama n 258, of 26/08/99, that it establishes that the companies manufacturers and the importers of tires are obliged to collect and to give destination final, ambiently adequate, to the inservveis tires, proportionally to defined the amounts manufactured and imported in this Resolution, what practically compels the companies of this segment to support politics of logistic reversa. BARBIERI and DAYS (2002). This concept is in constant growth in Brazil and the world, and is clearly that the companies, each time more, have if worried in considering the incidental costs and the reductions of costs that this process can cause.


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