In summer 2009

Commonwealth Villuercas-Integral-Jara Ibores organized during the month of July a series of meetings through the Office of Healthy Cities and Sustainable Development, Gender and Violence Gender and Consumer joint center. These days, to be held in different municipalities in the Commonwealth are directed to different social groups and shall make known different patterns of skin cancer prevention, the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure and the importance of using creams solar and appropriate protection for every skin type and age jointly by the Office of Healthy and Sustainable Cities and the Center for Consumer joint. Are also given basic notions of early recognition of this type of cancer to see your doctor as soon as possible if you have any symptoms. From the Office of Equal Gender Violence will report on the Equality Network website launched by the Institute for Women in conjunction with the Association ELOISA and will provide information on future technological literacy courses for women who intend to launch from the Commonwealth through this Office. Access to employment for rural women will be another issue to address in these days. The joint Consumer Center focused on providing information about electric and social bonds, information demanded by the citizens of the Commonwealth. It was considered appropriate to include these notes on electricity market liberalization and social bond given the demand for information, so that it can provide the service of attention to the most efficient way possible. offers health coverage to families across the United States objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare Agenda: ‘Monday July 13 at the 19 : 00h in the Social Center Aldeacentenera ‘Tuesday, July 14 at 19:00 pm at the Casa del Labrador de Villar del Pedroso’ Thursday 16 July at 19:00 h at the Salon of Fresnedoso Pensioner de Ibor ‘Monday 27 July at 19:00 h at the Library of Delights ‘Tuesday July 28th at 18:00 in the Reading Agency Garvin de la Jara and 20:00 h at the Casa de la culture de Tajo Valdelacasa’ Thursday 30 July at 19:00 h at the Library of Navatrasierra.

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