To date, we can easily find a bank deposit at 15-20% per annum in rubles that a year ago, it seemed unreal. This fairly large numbers. And given inflation rates, we can safely say that you will not only save your money, but also to increase. Crisis – this time, profitable investments and purchases, including those in the market of bank deposits. On deposits can now be as earn and lose.

The result depends on the parameters of the deposit and your goals. Bank deposits now – it’s a great opportunity not only to keep the family budget, but also greatly multiply! To these words were more understandable, let’s look at the chart below: Invest in a month, got through 5 years, got through 10 years, got through 20 years, got through 30 years of 500 rubles 44 600 rubles, 133,060 rubles, 666,260 rubles 2,811,070 rubles 1 000 rubles 89 200 rubles 266,115 rubles 1,332,520 rubles 5,612,140 rub rub 2 000 178 410 532 225 rubles rubles 2,665,050 rubles 11,244,280 rubles, 5000 rubles, 446,030 rubles 1,330,570 rubles 6,662,630 rubles 28,110,700 rubles 10 000 rubles, 892,060 rubles 2,661,140 rubles 13,325,265 rubles 56,221,400 rubles at an interest rate of 14% per year in this example, we considered the bank deposit, with interest rate of 14% per annum, with monthly capitalization and the possibility of additional monthly fees. 14% – a rate that existed before the crisis. In the spring of 2009, when a shortage of liquidity in banks was particularly sensitive in the deposit market were much more interesting proposals of 14 percent per annum..


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