Investment BGM

Latest brochure on the topic of BGM compact summarizes findings according to which summarized results of the study is in a current brochure of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants BGM is a double return on investment. Qualified employees will according to the studies, to the bottleneck. BGM secure the performance of the workforce and could help to achieve competitive lead and maintain. Multiple benefits of BGM showing studies carried out on behalf of Roland Berger Strategy consultants on, that a relevant part of the population although unhealthy lives, feels but not ill and therefore hardly at the doctor’s Office is. However, 78% of this group work and therefore are particularly good to reach on occupational health management in the workplace. According to the study results, members of this group are mostly men (72%) and relatively young mostly between 35 and 49 years.

Were hardly interested in their health, were seldom or never sport, are often heavy smokers and showed a lack of interest Checkups. However, health programs of the employer or the insurance company find generally good about 90% and over two-thirds would participate in a health check, if this would be recommended by the employer or the company physician. Even if every person was responsible first for his health, the individual could however are supported specifically through appropriate incentives. Because a large part of the life time at work is spent, the setting is in a special key role operating. A speech in the workplace is highly useful according to study results so in several ways. In addition, BGM is an indispensable contribution to health promotion in the company. Will you improve namely the health care of the population with limited resources, must concentrate on those individuals, who are not healthy of their own accord. The brochure can be downloaded for free at the following link: media/pdf/Roland_Berger_tac_Occupational_health_20120124.pdf learn more Roland Berger Strategy Consultants ( nationwide health initiative in operation even fashion”( area of specialisation BGM ( studiengaenge.html) studied at the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG), the students to specialists and executives for the growth market of prevention, fitness and health qualify.


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