Investment Guaranteed

If you’ve thought more than once about the possibility to multiply your savings without risking them, I have here the solution precisely I am talking about guaranteed investment funds. Guaranteed investment funds, emerge in the year of 1994 as a result of a battle between banks to withhold money. The great benefit of these investment funds, is that they are funds that guarantee up to 90% of the main investment, in addition to its profitability. Its liquidity is restricted on the basis of the warranty period as the case may be. The disadvantages of this type of funds is that they are funding in the medium and long term, so it is not recommended to remove the investment before the period established, since if this happens, you must pay a cancellation fine species.

This type of funds, the most recommended are those that do not pass 5 years, because interests so that they offer, they will be on the basis of the current situation and future prospects. With all this, I would like to invite you to that you decide once and for all, to invest your savings in funds of investment. I guarantee you that they are the best option that you can find if you want to increase your savings and Furthermore, will ensure your investment a 90%, so it is almost impossible that you arrive to lose money.

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