Israel Sasha Demidov

Demidov: 'Ivan Terrible. " L. Pavel: Yes. Money, I think, should be enough. Anyway, I like a simple man-man in the street And so you just say: 'Yes, no, I '. The yacht is? Demidov: No, no yachts. She did not really need.

L. Pavel: What machine? Demidov: Vehicle – Volkswagen 'Jetta', a normal car. L. Pavel: Well, Bentley has bought at least. Well, ok – Mercedes. Demidov: I have quite enough on this machine. L. Pavel: Okay.

I know where you put the money. You gave a bribe to get on the role of Ivan the Terrible! Demidov: Oh my God! No, absolutely not. No, I was called here from Moscow. L. Pavel: I understood why. Guess. Turn around, in profile You look like a Cherkasova. Eisenstein, 44 th year, 'Ivan the Terrible'. Demidov: Honestly say, when I made the make-up, dressed, glued a beard, mustache and put on a wig more light – yes, really say that I look like a young Cherkasova. L. Pavel: So this film a remake? That is, take an artist like Demidov: No this is not a remake, it's another movie. L. Pavel: Why did you take? In Russia, many actors, and suddenly found in Israel Sasha Demidov! Why? Demidov: I do not know why. I can only tell you how it happened. L. Pavel: Tell us. Demidov: I was shot in the Israeli series. Went on for five minutes in a break between filming, and a call from Moscow, calling Andrew Eshpai.


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