Its initial construction

Its initial construction was commissioned in April 1656 by the architect Louis XIV Bruant Liberty on the location of a small magazine where gunpowder was manufactured ammunition. The building was called the H pital G n ral des pauvres pour le Renfermement de Paris (General Hospital for the internment of the poor and vagubundos of Paris) and main purpose was interning for the poor and homeless in the city. It was divided into three parts: the Piti , for children, for men Bicetre and La Salpetriere for women. In 1684, the part of La Salp tri re was expanded with the creation of a building that served as a place of detention the girls complained of by their husbands or fathers. Zone was added in prison for prostitutes. On the eve of the French Revolution the hospital had a capacity of ten thousand patients and reached the three hundred jail detainees.During the night of 3 September 4, 1792 (September Massacres) the enclosure wrote one of his blackest pages in the massacre of 34 women murdered in La Salp tri re. In the nineteenth century, the work of some of his doctors as Philippe Pinel and Jean-Martin Charcot, the father of modern neurology, the medical center became one of the most renowned mental health. There are many students who came from across Europe. Today is one of the main hospitals of Paris.

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