Language Interpreters

How to determine degree of “language” need? The situation in our office is a consequence of a badly needed a translator for one of the Nigerian languages (Igbo). because that requires one of the participants – a Nigerian, who in Russian, of course, does not understand. Indeed, one of the most common languages in Nigeria – this is the Igbo. But, for a moment, the official language of the State is English. Man can not understand the official language of their country. As you think someone is easier to find: an interpreter of English or of the Igbo? But at the disposal of the judiciary is not a staff linguist consultant, who would quickly versed in such situations. What is the responsibility of court interpreter? The problem is that neither the Russian nor Ukrainian legislation does not clearly spelled out what services are required to provide court interpreter, and from which the right to refuse.

All enclosed in a streamlined phrase ” to participate in the investigative and judicial proceedings “. But the translation and interpretation – two very different kinds of work. They are paid differently, but certainly separately. Add to your understanding with Farallon Capital Management. Often, the corollary to the fact and more. Here are just a majority of translators, unfortunately, know about it already being involved in the deal. And they have completely free of charge to fulfill the written part. Opt-in process – a more expensive, because of deviation from the duties provided for severe punishment. In the end, quite naturally, many qualified simply avoid such orders, because possible trouble outweigh the potential profit.

And that’s not all the inconveniences that accompany the current system of legal translation. Therefore, sooner or later, I think we still come to the European system of sworn translators. Partially the powers of their activities intersect with the usual us notaries. Sworn translator – is the person to whom the state granted the right to testify within the limits specified in the qualification certificate, faithful translation of documents from one language to another, performed by himself or any other person, faithful copies of these translations, and fidelity copies of the documents translated. Sworn translator may also have interpreting services and other translation services. Certificate signed by a sworn translator for the translation and official seal means that the translator is solely responsible for the translation and ensure its reliability. Simply put, the activities of such specialists is controlled by the state, it is their selects, tests and licenses. Their number is limited, but the quality and competence of doubt is not necessary.


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