Literature Professor

A professor gotten passionate for Literature and that it respected certainly the moment of literary enjoyment would be contributing for the formation of readers and they would not have only pupils that they read for obligation, or that nor they read, but they search summaries of the Internet to fill reading fiches stops to acquire notes. The distanciamento that exists between the professors, the pupils and the texts necessary to be excluded from the school, so that as much the lessons how much the texts make some direction for the pupils. Lajolo (1997, P.

15) still informs: Or the text of the felt one to the world, or it has not felt none. the same if can say of our lessons. It is hour already passed to give one is enough in this distance that if imposes between the professor and the pupils and also enter the reading of both. To establish a dialogue and to give life to the text. It is the moment opportune to allow that imaginary of each pupil recrie the literary text making with that it gives a direction to the world, to leave that the interaction reader-book really exists, therefore is in this after all that it really consists the reading. It is pertinent to evidence that to leave that the interaction reader-book exists is not synonymous to diminish the importance of the professor in classroom. The professor is the intermediary between the sender and the addressee.

Still the functions fit it to handle the didactic procedures, to know the universe of expectations of the pupils, to instigate its interests, to deepen its knowledge, etc. To teach literature are not scrumbled to compel the book reading already canonizados and to apply tests and tests. The professors need to acquire knowledge that its pupils also are active elements in the process of literary communication, in view of whom its changes in relation to the workmanships modify the course of production of the same ones.


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