Marketing and distribution

Marketing and distribution variety of vegetables at a market in Sucre, Bolivia. Marketing has made since ancient large street markets, squares and public places. Place exposed to different farmers selling and farmers in a region plant products and vegetables from his crop. Businesses of exposure were generally familiar. In these cases the sale of vegetables was very subject to the same seasonal, climatic conditions, cultivation techniques, etc.. Was available only to sell what was possible to harvest and collect in each season. The vegetable markets are often found in the vicinity of churches and places of transit. Today, in large cities, is very common to buy vegetables in supermarkets, hypermarkets ymercados, fruit shops or stores specializing in selling vegetables are becoming increasingly scarce while continuing their work in some cities.The vegetables within a facility described in numbered boxes and identified correctly. Usually sold in a kind of self-service where the customer chooses the amount of goods with a hygienic plastic glove and then the weight assigning a sales code.

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