Methods A

Methods A method of transliteration is to use a computer keyboard in a language like Hebrew, to write in a language which uses another alphabet, eg in English. While the first use of the word implies seeking the best way to translate foreign words to a particular language by typing transliteration is a totally pragmatic process which involves entering text in a specific language. The typical transliteration of English letters is particularly important for users who are only familiar with English keyboard layout, and therefore could not write fast enough using a different alphabet, own from another language. Some programs, like word processor Hieroglyph adapted to the Russian language, provide typing by transliteration as one of its notable features. The rest of this article is the first meaning of the word, which is to transfer foreign words to a different alphabet.If the letter-sound relationship is similar in both languages, a transliteration would be very similar to a transcript. In practice, there are also some mixed systems for transliteration / transcription, that transliterate a part of the original text and transcribe the rest. The call Greeklish is an example. In a broader sense, the word transliteration is used to define a transliteration in the narrow sense and transcript together. Hispanicization is a method of transcription. Romanization encompasses several transliteration and transcription methods.

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