Morpheus Session

Just because the pain threshold at all different, and individual approach – a pledge success of the entire enterprise. Further, lymphatic drainage massage is carried out legs – painless, pleasant, relaxing Ends this part of the session, a relaxing foot massage and foot fingers (you need to leave the same pleasant impression after violence over the body). Next comes the fun part of the session, the common people back massage. But all that is massaged in this part of the session is not quite back, because this phase begins with the elaboration sacrum, then the back, thoracic (interscapular region and the shoulder blades) and cervical-collar zone. This study also included shoulder girdle and part of the scalp. Well, if a little simpler, then massaged all – from the coccyx to the neck.

And, thus, uses a combination of completely different techniques aimed at, but one – warm and relax the muscles, ligaments stretch , remove the blocks in the spine. Well, now the entire rear part of the body is processed, held for an hour (two-thirds of the session), you can roll After the coup on the back of the final third of the session. And it begins again with the hips. Only now are handled the front and back, side surface as well as the area above the knee, which often spoil the form of beautiful women's feet – the same tough anti-cellulite technology, the same pain, but not very long Next – light pleasant massage legs and feet front. After that – work with your stomach and waist area, work with adipose tissue and the lymphatic system. On the field, but also on the thighs and buttocks in the later sessions of the course includes the use of vacuum massage cans. Oh, and ends a session study of the upper extremities, that is, simply put, hand – soft, pleasant, relaxing massage to the shoulder joint to the end of each finger.

That's it. The session is finished. You lie on your back, all body is relaxed, playing relaxing music, aromatic oils scents around Relax Blood runs through the body with renewed strength, where there was stagnation, has begun to move, where there was pain and stiffness – the warmth and peace of mind Head light, thoughts flow easily, the nervous system is balanced Want to wrap myself in a blanket to sleep and see a radiant multi-colored dreams, filled with light and love Appeasement in every cell You massage and escorts, as only after it closes the door, climb into bed and let yourself relaxing bliss And nothing in the world is not an issue: no meeting tomorrow, or next coming to your machine or not the caller's lover Sweetly buried in a pillow, you give into the arms of Morpheus, having time to think it all over again the next day That sort of thing, this . It's all up to you, dear martyred our century and the emancipation women! Like a real man, I'm very glad that I can help you regain health, appearance and confidence. Immediately say, that Igor Tsar'kov moonlight can not. Not perceive as immodesty, just like that, what I do and give myself the favorite business entirely. And I hope that I will continue to invent new techniques for prosperity and good health beauty beautiful women.


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