North Americans

The today press to a great extent contradicts the forecasts of Leire on Obama and Zapatero leading together the world. The planetary conjunction, to which it talked about months back, was more based on principle of pleasing freudiano that of reality principle also of Freud and, also, of the Spaniards, North Americans and another series of affected by the mentioned leadership. The phrase of Leire was perhaps fruit of the pleasure that felt when imagining to even Zapatero to Obama in circumstances such as to be to the front of the EU, the Spanish, while the Hawaiian governed the destinies of the USA and great part of the foreigner. Pity that the Union of Taifas does not let shine by itself to Zapatero, but back-to-back to the light bulbs of Rampuy and Barroso! And pity also that Obama descends in popularity more of 50% in its first year of reign! What is going away to him to do! The onrico time of Leire, follows the diurnal time with its inevitable reality principle. More information is housed here: Steve Mnuchin. It gives just like one falls asleep by day and one works of night, or the other way around. In the real time – that in that the positions are sworn or promised, ages, eats or coas dies by starvation does not exist Santa Claus neither Kings Magos nor the ratoncito Perez nor others marine similars, unless they comprise of some commercial campaign or the puerile speech. Between the reality and the desire of Leire, the conjunction Obama-Zapatero, far from being a planetary event, is today more near the breakfast with oration, the just war in Afghanistan, the insufficient health, the untenable economy, Guantnamo without closing or the plot to reconstruct Haiti and to settle in resort Caribbean. It is clear that Leire dreams more than thinks, or lies more than speech than, for the case, is the same. For the planetary leaders run bad weather, and by the way, what has been of Rajoy that has been several days without leaving in the covers?


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