There once was a penguin named Otto. It was a beautiful and very young penguin who lived shut up in his own world.I could always hall rsele away from others, his thoughts on the North Pole and not just because they walked clueless, literally had the thought there: I had always dreamed he would be happier if I lived there, among other things, not knowing that the Pole North was as cold as your current place, and he wanted heat. Otto did not usually do anything that the other penguins usually did not hunt, nor were most of his time in nearly frozen water. Anna was a baby seal, he spent most of his time sleeping in ice cave that was his home where his mother still was who was awaiting his meal. Anna knew her instincts and was saying that soon the care of his mother would disappear, and was preparing for the moment at which it would behoove be alone. By their nature, and despite his young age, Anna was big and strong, as white as snow and very beautiful.The warmth that gave him the care of his mother would always steeped in memory. Days passed and the morning he would leave his cave Anna arrived. That day she woke up happy and began his journey. As it moved began to see the penguins, other seals, sea lions, a walrus, calling his attention all these flocks until their eyes met Otto, who as usual, stood apart, lost in itself and with its eyes turned to heaven. Anna did not understand much what happened to him, just had a feeling that pleased him so much as to be near her mother and thereafter his attention could not be for anyone else. Anna, thanks to what it meant to be close to the penguin who did not know his name, as an impulse opted to stay close to him and watch him.During those days, Anna did not want to grow bigger, in fact it was a seal different from the others but would not be so different from him. Otto for his part, had not been aware of the existence of the seal. Tired of looking at it, Anna took courage and a day to enter into a separate world that she had understood that the penguin was strange, then approached and asked: – What’s your name He, distant, replied: “Otto She, surprised, exclaimed, “Ohhh! Your name and my name are the same! He, without changing any aloofness asked – no matter for what She said: “They are the same because your name and mine read the same way forward and backward Anna was very important for this, which prompted her to be more with him, while Otto had forgotten the comment. The life of Otto and Anna began to join, more for the latter’s insistence that what he had wished, in fact for the penguin, the seal was one more and he still lived alone in his world. Suddenly and without much thought, friends began the ride of their lives, Anna just wanted to be next to Otto, and he took advantage of this to go not only to seek the North Pole, which was the reason for which he lived.

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