Paco Morales

To travel out of this tough situation process, it is first necessary to accept it. Understand that, indeed, this acceptance as feared or completely unexpected took place, and it is happening to us to us. Although we do not deserve it, don’t want to or don’t know what to do, Yes, is happening to us. To the extent that we can, at our time, we describe the situation firsthand. Once we get used to this new reality, the pain will be left behind. Acceptance also forgive us unconditionally.

By the alerts that we did not want or could not see. By neglect or extreme innocence with which we act. By having trusted blindly in ourselves or someone else. By not having heard what we were saying, or our own internal voices have fallen silent. Acceptance is the bridge that brings us pain to inner peace. It connects us with our status as human beings, fallible, errors and defects, like all those who surround us.

Assume as their own mistakes gives us clarity of conscience. Self-knowledge is essential in the search for the psychophysical balance. Accept the present moment opens the doors to another chance in life. Understanding What exactly happens we operate in reality, and thus have the best internal predisposition to see the range of possibilities opens before our. In this way we will achieve changes of direction that we wish. We all have the ability to provide us a better future. Each day can mean a new opportunity, and transform in a new beginning and the first step towards a promising future, if we so decide. Acceptance is the bridge that takes us from pain to peace of mind accepting the moment present opens doors towards another chance in life. I’m Paco Morales. Please tell every day. Successes. Original author and source of the article.

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