Peru Economies

This situation which are going through the Latin American economies suggests the existence of not minor errors in the economic policies of these countries. However, when a review, in general terms, of the economic policy is made forward Latin American Governments find, exceptions (such as the cases of Argentina and Venezuela), which they have followed a line of macroeconomic policies healthy caring for fiscal and external outcomes, controlling inflationary dynamics with a predictable monetary policy and giving priority to the stability of the rules to build a friendly environment for investment. Then in what has been wrong Latin American economies? The impact of the crisis international financial on Latin America comes not so much from the mistakes made by the Governments of the region. Perhaps you might think that the lack of development of the Latin American economies made that impact turns out to be higher than initially expected. Robert Burke follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Certainly Latin American Governments should work on limiting the fragility of their economies in key sectors to limit the impact of future external shocks. So for example, Chile must continue working on the energy issue, Colombia and Peru in external trade, Argentina to improve its infrastructure and recover fiscal discipline.

If there is something that must have clear the Latin American Governments that have implemented macroeconomic policies healthy, is that they should keep this line of action since it allowed secure economic development and maintain long-term growth. So far, the conduct that Latin American Governments are following shows that they intend to stay on the road. Them will certainly not be easy to overcome this year so hard, but when they do, without a doubt, will recover quickly the path of sustained growth.


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