Possible spam or

Possible spam or self promotion in Nidera Hello, Msdus. Template has been added maintenance “Nidera” Article Nidera where you have worked. I appreciate any policies on self-promotion and spam, and believe that the article does not conform to what is described here, display your arguments in the article talk page to try to reach agreement on the withdrawal of this template. If the template “promotional” remain in the article for a period of thirty days, it is possible to generate a query in which the community will decide if the item is deleted or not. If during this period are not presented arguments justifying that the article is spam or self promotion or the arguments are not valid, it is likely that the article is deleted. It is considered good practice to remove the template without having reached agreement with the user that the setting or with a user who enjoys the confidence of the community (eg a librarian).Do not be discouraged by this little incident, your contributions are very important to Wikipedia. Thanks for your understanding, little pocoBaaaaaaang! 19:32 5 abr 2008 (UTC) Hi Mariano, I put the template of spam, because right now I see no reason why this article, as it is, may be of encyclopedic value, if you change it so that it would be fine. How Adding references (see WP: REF) in publications (if available online) that emphasize the importance of the topic. You could also add data to highlight the importance of the company as Employe number or value of annual sales, Greetings, little pocoBaaaaaaang! 11:53 6 abr 2008 (UTC) Well, now you mention is the huge (Income 7,344,000 million (2006), benefits 689 million (2006) and 16,500 employees).As you mentioned these data clarify the doubts about the relevance, “UEDES include in your article Although I have not seen you’ve added references to the article. Greetings, little pocoBaaaaaaang! 02:39 8 abr 2008 (UTC) These data Nidera but perternecen to Monsanto. Monsanto has a place in wikipedia for being an influential company on Nidera, right now I’m not so sure. References, references, references. Regards, pocoBaaaaaaang little ! 03:01 8 abr 2008 (UTC) Hello, I’ve taken the template of self-promotion but with conditions you add figures for turnover and number of employees, as had been asking you, otherwise you run the risk that other Wikipedians doubt the relevance of the article. Please also improves those references. To do so add them in the text: http://ejemplo.com Title Page and end of the article you can create a section called References where you have to add ((ListRef)).If you still have doubts, have a look at WP: REF, Greetings, little pocoBaaaaaaang! 20:34 9 abr 2008 (UTC) Congratulations, you’ve got rid of me after seeing the latest improvements you’ve made. The article, finally, won hen relevance. A seguir as , un saludo, pocoBaaaaaaang little ! 22:55 11 abr 2008 (UTC)

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