Private Building Constructions

Compared with them, design based on a wooden frame are cheaper, but they can be used not for every building and are used mainly in private construction. Scope of prefabricated buildings is very broad: it not only manufacturing and industrial facilities, and retail, office and administration buildings, warehouses, garages, dormitories, sports and entertainment complexes, private homes and more. Home Depot has plenty of information regarding this issue. Pre-fabricated structures can be used almost everywhere, except in cases when they should have a higher insulating properties (eg, bank vaults and premises for nuclear reactors) or in mass housing. The design of Modular buildings main structural elements of prefabricated buildings are supporting and enclosing structures. The main frame of the building bearing element pre-fabricated building is a rectangular frame made of high strength metal or wooden profiles. The frame has vertical rack and horizontal beams for fastening the outer and inner cladding, installation of windows, doors and interior partitions.

Metal parts of the carcass is usually handled by anti-corrosion coating, and timber – flame retardant. Metal frame can be either standard or made on the basis of thin-walled profile. The advantages of thin-walled metal frame enclosed in long lifetime and low load on the foundation, which is responsible for high-speed assembly and relatively low cost. Frame of light metal structures are easily assembled and disassembled, and what it does not require additional equipment or workers. When mounting design eliminates the welding work, which speeds up the assembly and improves the quality of design. Protecting designs Protecting designs, which include walls, roof, floors, doors, etc.


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