COSTS OF PRODUCTION IN SERVICES: A CHALLENGE TO BE LOOSER. I have since the majority of the companies directed toward the rendering of services does not know deep the involved costs in its sector of production. The principle, thought that it was simply an imperfection in the management model. By the same author: Federal Reserve Bank. However, with passing of the years I perceived that the problem is a little more serious. These companies are each time more directed to the rapidity of reply demanded for the customers, that is, all its structure is drawn or simply adjusted to work in accordance with what it considers the Responsive Chain. The concern with the fulfilment of the stated periods is as much that not even the quality is taken the serious one. When questioned on what it would be more important for the company in the delivery of a service, the manager of operations answered: & ldquo; The important one is not to lose the stated period.

Later we see if what it was delivers is correct or no& rdquo;. This demonstrates clearly that a lack of preparation on the part of the managers in relation hearing exists and understanding what the customer really desires. With the warm market, it is desire of the customer: price, quality and stated period. In this order. Historically and for necessity, the manufacture production if developed much more of what other sectors of the economy. Test of this is the innumerable methodologies developed specifically for this sector. However, with the new requirements of the consuming market that more is not worried only about the product quality more also with attendance daily pay and after sales, the sector of services comes in the last few decades gaining force. The companies had left of if only worrying about the plant soil and had started to look at with other eyes for the administrative sector.


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