Should take into account that the 'Asian' refrigerator, usually not very high (up to 180 cm), but their depth and width ranges from 65 cm and 80 cm of these models have freezer is usually located at the top. Between models of a large amount of so-called demand-fridges or cupboards refrigerators 'Side-by-Side', the hallmark of which is placing the refrigerator compartment and freezer, no one under the other, but close. This arrangement is very similar to the two-door cabinet. These refrigerators will be faithful assistant and decoration in the kitchen with a large area. The cost of a refrigerator plays an important role in his selection. It depends on the following components: the quantity (volume) of the refrigerator, on the free-standing or built it, from number of cameras, the functions and systems of the refrigeration and freezer compartments; the number of compressors on the class of power the refrigerator; of additional functions from the manufacturer. Click Peter Schiff for additional related pages. from interior design and equipment rooms; then offer to get acquainted with additional functions and features as well as to the price and size you defined.

Defrost refrigerators systems are of two types: – No Frost ('no frost'). These refrigerators do not frost is in the middle of the freezer, because it is formed only on the evaporator. Every few hours the fan stops working and the heater. Defrost water goes into the grooves on a special tray and evaporates. That is, theoretically, if you buy a refrigerator with a system of No Frost, it can not be washed, although it is still desirable (at least every six months), hold it clean. However, one should bear in mind that packaging products for storage in these refrigerators must be very carefully because poor packaging results in a rapid obvetrivaniyu products such as refrigerators quickly blended scents. And should such a model is expensive and consumes more energy.

In some refrigerators, special sensors detect 'new' product and send it to the flow of cold air, rapidly cooling it. When choosing a refrigerator equipped with a No-Frost system must take into account that This system takes some space in the freezer. Because the volume of the freezer with No-Frost system is less than similar models without this system. – Drip system defrosting refrigerator compartment is used in most modern refrigerators, it is simple and effective. This system is so called because in the refrigerator, while the compressor at the back of the formation of ice. At regular intervals, compressor stops, the icicles begin to melt, the droplets flow down, into the sink, and from there into a special tray placed on the compressor and evaporate. This movement is carried out slowly and completely unnoticed for User refrigerator. Advantages of refrigerators with 'crying wall': they are inexpensive, and in the chamber remains sufficient humidity, which helps keep the juiciness of products, ie products do not dry out. For such defrosting refrigerators acceptable twice a year for proper operation and maintenance of hygienic standards.

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