Scope of training

Scope of training in Spain Cerro de Pasco, field engineers working mine. A mining engineer has the expertise for your special application to the use of Earth’s natural resources, their application in building materials for the development of current and future society, as well as the creation and proper management energy sources. All while maintaining a balance with nature, being an expert mining engineer in wealth creation and sustainable development compatible with the other activities that society demands. Greater Energy and Fuels has technology subjects of electrical, thermal and cooling, hydropower, solar thermal and photovoltaic, wind, nuclear, biomass, fuel oil and complementary. In research emphasizes the study and development of new energy sources with particular emphasis on renewable energy.The intensification of Materials and Metallurgy includes metallurgy, steel, mineral processing, ceramics, plastics and polymers and metals recycling. In bioengineering research highlights. The Mining and Environmental Enhancement includes mines and quarries, tunnels and embankments, infrastructure, civil engineering, drilling, geophysics and geochemistry, explosives, photogrammetry and remote sensing, hydrology and environment. In recent years there has been a boom in ornamental rocks in the professional field. Training in geology and geotechnical engineering is essential, having from the beginning notable researchers and scientists in this field, such as William Schulz or Casiano de Prado

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