Secretary General Iberoamericana

Dominican republic 22 of April of 2011 General secretariat Iberoamericana Distinguished Gentlemen: In the month of October ” will be a new opportunity to present/display the subject of State; Vial” security; in front of the agent chief executives of Ibero-America. The Summits of Government and celebrated Chiefs of State in El Salvador and Portugal, gave problematic space to the regional one in their programs of action without to the date we see forceful initiatives in some member countries. How to develop programs destined importantizar youth and the education from the Secretary General? If our adolescents and the productive people in age according to the last international information are killed their in asphalt. 143.000 deaths to the year, and injured million of consume the budgets of the Latin American nations, that vertiginously grow in population and the park to carry. In next May, the United Nations will declare the Decade of Action by the Road Security 2011-2020, whose intentions announced in Madrid by the Government of the Federation of Russia, during IV the Plenary one of the Latin American Conference, presided over by the Dr.

Enrique V. Churches, to beginning of the 2010. It has been an aspiration of many organizations and personalities the initiative of the Decade of Action; however, lack impulse so that the nations of this western region from America to the plans register to per capita diminish the rate of death by more and more ascending traffic accidents according to registers in the information. It is for this reason, that we insisted on this means, to the Secretary General Iberoamericana, to include the Road Security in its next agenda and to stimulate to the Governments in the scene caused in Paraguay so that real and indeed they take refuge in the principles of the Decade of Action.


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